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Four Sto­ries about Eter­nal Life

By Peter W. Rich­ter


In a few deca­des, medi­cal pro­gress will make it pos­sible to extend human life signi­fi­cant­ly, even to infi­ni­ty. How would this chan­ge people’s minds, actions and coexis­tence? The­se are the ques­ti­ons the four sto­ries deal with. DURATION – as the new pro­cess is cal­led by the aut­hor – plays a decisi­ve role in all of them.

Their styl­es are rather dif­fe­rent, inclu­ding rea­li­stic sto­rytelling, sci­ence fic­tion, crime thril­ler and a phi­lo­so­phi­cal­ly inspi­red gro­tes­que.

A LITTLE MORE TIME: Irm­gard Rom­in­ski recei­ves an offer to be the first one with a signi­fi­cant­ly pro­lon­ged life­span.
GAMMA FLASH: The space­ship “Gol­den pro­mi­se” is en rou­te to the Alpha Cen­tau­ri star sys­tem.
BOMB DEPOSIT: Sirlana’s self-dri­ving car is hacked and hija­cked.
ZEUS IS TELLING A JOKE: The “immor­tal gods” are was­ting away becau­se no one belie­ves in them.

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